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Marketing Math

2:15 PM -- Interesting observation by Mark Sue, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets :

"Following our discussions in recent days with Cisco, Juniper, and Alcatel, all are implying that they are gaining market share."

That's from a research note released late last week. There's no one for them to be sucking that much market share away from, unless Redback Networks Inc. is having a record-setting downer of a quarter, so this may just be the effect of marketing math. Or the expanding universe.

Sue's explanation: "This leads us to believe that the router market may actually be growing faster than each respective company may be indicating. Most of the demand for routers, both core and edge, continues to be driven by basic data traffic growth as well as loads placed by video growth, both cable and telco."

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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