Make Yourself Heard on WiFi VOIP

The latest reader poll from Unstrung is designed to help take a real-world snapshot of the use of and applications for voice-over-wireless LAN systems.

While voice-over-WLAN is a big topic for vendors and analysts alike, experience shows that this doesn't necessarily mean users are rushing to install VOIP systems, and -- in the case of WiFi voice services -- there might be good reasons not to. Cost and complexity are certainly issues with VOIP systems and it's not yet clear if existing 802.11 infrastructures can handle a big increase in WiFi VOIP services.

So, Unstrung is asking the questions that matter about WiFi VOIP. For instance, do you actually use 802.11 to make voice calls?

We're also trying to get a picture of what benefits users see from WiFi VOIP systems when they make the switch and how long it will be before the market goes mainstream.

Let us hear your opinions. Click here to vote. Thanks and enjoy a relaxing holiday weekend.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

jvivek 12/5/2012 | 3:53:08 AM
re: Make Yourself Heard on WiFi VOIP WiFi is everywhere, you can use hosted VoIP or IP-PBX...problem is phones are weak on battery life and usability. WiFi-only phones are good for verticals, but solid dual-modes that ppl can actually afford are a must for broad adoption.

A more fundamental question - what does WiFi VoIP offer over standard cordless, DECT and cellular? Perhaps the key lies in the IP connectivity and how its leveraged for value-adds.
alchemy 12/5/2012 | 3:53:03 AM
re: Make Yourself Heard on WiFi VOIP About the only time I'd consider using WiFi VoIP is when I'm traveling abroad on vacation. If I need to call back to the US, it's free using a soft SIP client on my PC or using Skype for the rest of the year. At that price, I'm willing to deal with delay, jitter, and dropped packets.

When it's QoS-enabled end to end, I'd consider using it in my house though I'd rather just use my cell phone.
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