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Lucent Opens Research Center in India

BANGALORE, India -- Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) today announced the establishment of a Bell Labs Research centre in India which will pursue the kind of basic and applied research in communications software that has made the R&D laboratory famous around the world.

Mr. Kapil Sibal, Hon' Minister for Science & Technology and Ocean Development inaugurated the research center and addressed a select gathering of industry and academia at the inauguration function. Mr. Sam Pitroda, Guest of Honor for the ceremony delivered the keynote address.

The Bangalore based facility will be an integral part of Bell Labs, Lucent's world-renowned research and development arm. Bell Labs scientists have received six Nobel Prizes in Physics, nine US Medals of Science and eight U.S. Medals of Technology. Bell Labs earns at least two patents a day and was granted its 30,000th US patent on March 10, 2003.

The scientists at Bell Labs Research in India will focus on developing state-of-the-art software systems for enabling the world's leading wireline and wireless service providers to deploy and manage high-speed, highly reliable networks. Example focus areas include:
  • Computer algorithms: This includes complexity theory, approximation algorithms, graph algorithms, linear programming, game theory.
  • Networking: This includes switch architectures for routing packets at high speeds, and protocol design for data, optical and wireless networks.
  • Network management: This includes software for configuring network parameters to improve resource utilization, monitoring end-to-end performance, isolating the root cause of faults, and detecting security violations.
  • Data management: This includes software for integrating data from diverse sources, reconciling discrepancies among the data, and mining/analyzing massive network data streams.

Dr. Jeff Jaffe, President, Research and Advanced Technologies, Bell Labs said: "Establishing a Bell Labs Research center in India signifies Lucent's commitment to creating a long-term presence here. The scientists at this facility will be members of the elite Bell Labs research community. We expect them to contribute fundamental advances to our understanding of how to build, monitor and manage the most complex and interactive global communications networks."

Dr. Rajeev Rastogi, Executive Director, Bell Labs Research in India said, "Our focus will be on conducting fundamental and applied research in scientific fields related to computing and communications software. We will also partner closely with Lucent's customers as they deploy new technologies (e.g., wireless data, EVDO), and devise innovative solutions to their challenges." He added, "In the tradition of Bell Labs, we intend to attract and excite the best and brightest minds produced by India's world-class educational institutions." Rajeev Rastogi will report to Krishan Sabnani, Sr. Vice President of Networking Research at Bell Labs, who also attended today's ceremony.

Mr. C S Rao, President and CEO of Lucent Technologies in India said, "Bringing Bell Labs Research to India is a major accomplishment. It is a welcome development of Lucent's presence in India that takes us to an exciting world of research to deliver a continuous stream of software innovations to Lucent's products and services portfolio."

Lucent Technologies Inc.

desikar 12/5/2012 | 12:58:34 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India rjs,

the last comment in your post is intriguing. What was the context and what did FDR do?

rjs 12/5/2012 | 12:58:34 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India Yes, GE, Microsoft, and now Lucent/Bell Labs ...

Get it straight, India and China are investing in
innovation and are serious about it.

We need our policy makers to get this. The only way to avoid the off-shoring is to be competitive at the innovation level. India and China are not going to be satisfied munching on the scraps, they are going after the real stuff.

At this rate, US will be a consumer and service based economy.

Where is FDR when you need him??!!!

OpticOm 12/5/2012 | 12:58:32 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India You are assuming that all what FDR did was OK, isn't it?
Well, it was not..
rjs 12/5/2012 | 12:58:31 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India Desikar, I did not mean to be out of context and I must confess that it was meant to be a hyperbole (:

First, I am not a historian, but I do believe that
Franklin Delanoa Roosevelt, was the face of the
government which went all out to invest in the
infra-structure of a country suffering from the
depression to break it's spell. I do not think that we are in the same pickle as then, not even by a long shot, but on the other hand, we do need a cogent policy towards encouraging innovation and
long-term research and development.

You can substitute Eisenhower for FDR for that matter ...

dmw_qqqq 12/5/2012 | 12:58:29 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India Actually, I think the WW II played a far more important role in bringing US economy back to prosperity than FDR did. Eisenhower continued to enjoy that trend, and we thank him for the inter-state highways he built.

bsd_devil 12/5/2012 | 12:58:26 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India I don't think India is any competition to the US. Not now. Not for another 50 years. Probably never!

I don't think we need to change our policies or anything like that. I am not sure what work these folks in India would be doing. I am quite sure MS, GE, LU will NOT ship their core research to India. It will be just peripheral work.

I don't think India, China, or any other country alone or combined can match the US budget for R&D. The ARPA funds more hitech projects here in the US than any other country. Also, we have more PhDs than these countries combined. And don't forget that all the Indian PhDs are here in the US! They don't like their "poor" "beuracratic" country (as one of my PhD Indian colleague always says)!! ;-) India doesn't have any institution of higher learning. They have some 5 IITs which are very popular. But, the IITs are only till the BS level. That is why most of the BS IIT guys come to the US for their MS and PhD. What research can those rest-of-the-Indians (non-US-PhDs) do in that poor country (India) anyway?

The matter is different with the Chinese. Their PhDs return to China. Also, with their booming economy, the Chinese might start competing with the US in terms of patents, or core/fundamental research within the next 50 years.
trivedin 12/5/2012 | 12:58:26 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India My dear friend, I think you need to wake up...or maybe the newspapers don't get delivered to you that you still make these comments.

Take financial news, economy news, technology news or anything..you will only hear China and India taking over the leadership innoivation role. Yes, there are more PhD's in US then in India and you are right that they are all back there but have you noticed that they are all coming back...infact, this reverse brain-drain phenomenon is picking up so much that there are million dollar budgeted Indian movies made on this topic. Yes, these folks are coming back and they are coming back because they see opportunities that didn't exist 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

One cannot ignore the seriousness with which corporations are heading towards the East, for now it may only be as a cost saving measure but this is just the begining!!
rjs 12/5/2012 | 12:58:24 AM
re: Lucent Opens Research Center in India Ironically, message number 6, is the very attitude that I am trying to describe!

There is a serious need to have the policies
looked at to ensure lead. This complacence is
alarming ...

These very PhDs are working for US companies in
India. THINK about it ... they come to US, get the
PhDs, get to work for a US company in a different
geographic location than the US. If you cannot extrapolate you should really not be in the business of policy making (which I highly doubt that you are ).


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