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LR Shakes Up Private Companies List

The Light Reading Top Ten Private Companies list is back with a vengeance -- and just in time for spring cleaning, too.

Like Donald Trump, we're getting more unpredictable in our personal grooming, but also in how we boot companies from the list. You just never know if we're going to swap out one, two… or several privately held telecom companies at a time.

In this case, we've wished four companies well, but sent them away to take a ride in the sputtering taxi of shame.

We have nothing overwhelming that says the dismissed performers -- Atrica Inc. , Bridgewater Systems Corp. (Toronto: BWC), Tazz Networks Inc. , and Turin Networks Inc. -- won't succeed somewhere down the road. We just think we've found hotter companies, in hotter markets, that might be even closer to liquidity than those firms.

You'll have to read the whole list to find out whom we put in their place. The companies we chose included an IMS module maker, a home gateway vendor, a wireless equipment play, and one of the most revolutionary optical transport vendors we've seen in quite some time.

Now that we've done the hiring and firing for this version of the list, it's time to ask you what we did right and where we messed up. Do you know of a communications-focused private company or startup we should have picked -- or one we should at least be watching more closely?

If so, do tell. Send a note to [email protected] and we'll take your suggestions under advisement.

Meanwhile, enjoy the list and our updated profiles of the winners: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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