LR Poll: Tradeshows Battle for '07 Audience

Supercomm's immediate successor -- Globalcomm – is again edging out its tradeshow archrival in a Light Reading poll.

Light Reading's Tradeshow Turmoil popularity poll, which opened Monday, has had more than 150 responses so far, and most of them say they're in favor of supporting the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)’s Globalcomm over the United States Telecom Association (USTelecom)’s TelecomNext show in 2007. [Disclosure: Light Reading and its parent, CMP, have a business relationship with TIA and Globalcomm -- see TIA, CMP Team on Globalcomm.]

The drama between USTelecom and the TIA is always of interest. The two organizations co-managed the Supercomm tradeshow series until last year, when they resolved to do their own respective shows from now on.

Eighty-six percent of the respondents so far say the TelecomNext show failed to live up to its billing as the "Single Most Important Event for the Future of Communications and Entertainment." (See What's Next for TelecomNext? and TelecomNext: In Pictures.)

And, while 86 percent of those polled say they'll support both shows in 2006, an overwhelming 92 percent say they will only support one show or the other next year. Thus far, Globalcomm is a bigger hit "from a marketing perspective" as 85 percent of the poll takers say that's the show they'll stick with in 2007.

Of course, one poll of random readers does tell the full story of a tradeshow's fate. And about 24 percent of those polled say they are enjoying the fact that there are more tradeshows this year.

Globalcomm won earlier popularity contest polls on this site, but we've yet to see what the show organizers will be able to pull off regarding attendance, relevant keynotes, and buzzing exhibition hall. (See Globalcomm Wins 'Show Wars' Poll.) TelecomNext's owner, USTelecom, seems to be concerned, as the group has staged a spoiler event -- either a Webcast or TV program -- for June 5-7. Though it may be just a silly coincidence, Globalcomm is scheduled for June 5-8 in Chicago.

In an email sent to vendors from show organizers, USTelecom appears to be offering a free event with "No travel. No taxi lines. No expense reports. No stress." The email's subject line -- "What's Next, Served on Your Screen" -- implies it's a virtual event designed to siphon off industry folk who aren't up to a mid-year trip to Globalcomm.

Our poll -- Tradeshow Turmoil -- will run until Monday, April 10. Participation in the poll is also stress free and requires no travel.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:58:05 AM
re: LR Poll: Tradeshows Battle for '07 Audience With 202 responses, now the majority of folks surveyed say there are too many trade shows and some should be combined.

Maybe. Interop/OFC/NFOEC/CES, anyone?


TelecomMarketer 12/5/2012 | 3:57:14 AM
re: LR Poll: Tradeshows Battle for '07 Audience This poll shows GLOBALCOMM taking a commanding lead in the battle between Telecom NEXT and the scion of SUPERCOMM. Perhaps its the natural evolution of shows anyway.

I can't mention my company name, but we think there are too many shows, and TNEXT didn't really drive the floor traffic. Throw in all of the other shows in late winter/early spring... and we were frenzied by the extra USTA event, and unimpressed. GLOBALCOMM is at the right time of year for a horizontal show, and seems to do a better job interfacing us on supporting the marketing side. Looks like they'll have more people, too.

I agree with the poll.

-Telecom Marketer
bonnyman 12/5/2012 | 3:53:01 AM
re: LR Poll: Tradeshows Battle for '07 Audience Am I the only one or have some others gotten really cheesy recorded phone calls from Mathew Flanigan, President of TIA (Globalcomm's sponsor)?

I received an unsolicited call last week on my cell phone in the evening while eating dinner with my family. It was a tape-recorded message of some sort from Flanigan. I hung up after a few seconds.

Talk about used car salesmen!
chip_mate 12/5/2012 | 3:52:58 AM
re: LR Poll: Tradeshows Battle for '07 Audience I received the same call.
This is about the tackiest thing he could have done to his customers.
I expected that SOMEDAY someone would invade the privacy of my cell phone with a sleazy sales pitch. Just didn't think it'd be "Flanigan of Supercomm".

"Come on down folks, the booth space is cheap and plentiful! If you sign this weekend, I'll throw in a bottle of Gallo! (grape and strawberry flavors only Folks.)"

What a low-life.

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