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LR Launches Supplier Survey

Light Reading has launched a roll call of telecom equipment suppliers in the form of another "Who Makes What" report that calls on readers to comment on a proposed taxonomy and refine lists of players in different market segments (see Who Makes What: Infrastructure Equipment).

The new report focuses on the equipment providing the basic IP connectivity in converged carrier networks and splits this into the following product categories:

1: Optical Access Equipment
2: Metro Optical Transport Equipment
3: Core Optical Transport Equipment
4: DSLAMs and DLCs
5: Multiservice Access Equipment
6: 10 Gbit/s Ethernet Switches
7: Edge Routers, Multiservice Switches
8: Core Routers
9: IP Service Management

A similar exercise was conducted in 2003, when the "Who Makes What" report covered a wider range of product categories, which eventually numbered 24 (see Who Makes What: Equipment 2003). Comparing this with the current exercise should identify plenty of casualties, a scattering of acquisitions and a few companies that have come out of hiding in the past year.

As with previous "Who Makes What" reports, the refined taxonomy and list of suppliers coming out of this exercise will form the basis of a market perception survey conducted by Heavy Reading, Light Reading's market research division. In the survey, service providers will be asked to identify suppliers they recognize and name who they consider to be a market leader in terms of price, performance, quality of service, and support.

The bottom line for suppliers: This is your chance to make sure you're included in Heavy Reading's survey and will help you stay top of mind in the industry. Alert Light Reading if your company is not listed in the appropriate category.

Also, if you notice a company listed in a category that it doesn't belong in, don't be shy: speak up!

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading

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