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Light Reading Launches VOIP Directory

Light Reading and the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC) today announced a collaborative project aimed at creating the telecom industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of VOIP software products (see Industry Leaders Launch VOIP Initiative).

The announcement coincides with the launch of the first stage of the project, the publication of Light Reading's latest "Who Makes What" report, focusing on software packages that enable telecom operators and enterprises to roll out VOIP multimedia services over their IP infrastructures (see Who Makes What: VOIP Applications Software).

As with previous "Who Makes What" reports, the article lays down a taxonomy and lists suppliers in each product category. It invites readers to suggest additions and revisions, not only to the lists of vendors but also to anything else that takes their fancy.

However, that's just for starters. The report takes the concept of collaborative development a lot further by inviting vendors to download and complete a questionnaire to submit company and product details. This information will be posted on Light Reading so that readers can dig down into product specifics, by clicking on vendor names. The data will also be added to interactive tables on each page so that readers can compare vendors and products in the same market segment.

The goal is to encourage the rollout of VOIP services in telecom and enterprise networks by helping system designers discover what's possible with today's VOIP application software, and which products best suit their needs.

Once the "Who Makes What" directory of VOIP application software has gathered momentum, Light Reading plans to launch a sequel to it, in the form of a "Who Makes What" covering VOIP infrastructure hardware and software, including gateways, softswitches, application servers, and so on.

The combined project, covering all VOIP hardware and software, has been endorsed by the IPCC, an association of telecom operators, vendors, and enterprise users. The IPCC collaborated with Light Reading in defining the initial product categories in the "Who Makes What" report and says it will encourage its members to support the project.

— Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading

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billstewart 12/5/2012 | 2:29:21 AM
re: Light Reading Launches VOIP Directory Please be sure to include Open Source products as well as commercial products. Some of that may happen by itself (for instance, open source software funded by hardware makers), but there's a lot of interesting work being done by the free market.
saturnblin 12/5/2012 | 2:28:54 AM
re: Light Reading Launches VOIP Directory Sure,
for example openh323
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