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Kung Fu Confusion

3:00 PM -- Yes, it's Friday. Just moments ago, through a Google search gone horribly wrong, I stumbled upon Kung Fu Hustle. Further intrigued, I found out that "Video Fun House" film fans Jean Tarbett and John Gillispie had reviewed it at herald-dispatch.com.

If you don't know them, Tarbett and Gillispie are contributing critics at the herald-dispatch.com. And in the unlikely case that you don't know herald-dispatch.com, it bills itself as "the online news authority for Huntington, West Virginia, Southern Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky." (How ambitious!)

You know, you really haven't lived unless you've read Video Fun House. To excerpt:

JOHN: Back in elementary school, one of my teachers would sometimes reward us by allowing us to play 45 singles on the class record player.

JEAN: You mean one of those old crank-it-yourself phonographs?

JOHN: Very funny
[ed: yes, just hilarious]. Anyway, the one song that got the entire class excited was “Kung Fu Fighting.”

JEAN: Everyone was “Kung Fu Fighting” in your second-grade class?
[ed: no way!]

JOHN: You’re pretty much right about that, Grasshopper.

Right on, Grasshopper!

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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