KPN Picks Siemens for IPTV

MUNICH -- The Dutch network operator KPN has also chosen Siemens as its partner for the development and installation of television over the Internet Protocol (IP). This further strengthens cooperation between the two companies after KPN opted for Siemens as the strategic IP partner for its entire fixed network and mobile phone business at the end of last year. KPN plans to introduce digital television over its DSL network for the first time during the course of this year, using the provisional designation "IP TV".

With this agreement, KPN and Siemens are adding "Television" to their existing cooperation in IP and the new generation of communication services. On the basis of the Internet Protocol (IP), the once separate worlds of TV, telephone and internet are increasingly converging. In future it will be possible to integrate all these services and provide them over a single DSL connection.

"The opportunities opened up for the TV sector by the new IP world are immense. Television will change fundamentally. New services will be available, and viewers will be able to exercise greater choice and take an active part. KPN intends to play an important role in this process, and the agreement with Siemens is an important step for us in this area," said Eelco Blok, who is responsible for strategy at KPN. "The fact that Siemens is also our partner for other IP communication services will make the integration of TV and communication services easier in the long run."

"The IP TV concept is an integral part of comprehensive IP-based communications. We are delighted to be supporting KPN in taking what are traditionally different communication worlds and merging them for the benefit of the customer," says Christian Unterberger, head of Fixed Networks at Siemens Communications.

Using the Digitenne wireless network, KPN is already supplying TV services in the Netherlands, under the title "KPN digital television". With the new IP TV solution, it will be able to extend its present range of television services during the course of this year.

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