Killer Blames Mobile Handset

10:25 AM -- Mobile phones can certainly be dangerous in the wrong hands (just ask any teenager that's been dumped by text), but sometimes their potential for harm can be exaggerated.

Take the recent case in South Korea, for example, where a factory worker claimed a colleague had been killed by an exploding mobile handset.

Not so, of course. It turned out the guy who "found" the corpse had done the deadly deed himself while operating some heavy machinery, as this article explains.

The report has a winning style: "Sure, there have been cases when mobile phones exploded and killed people, but it turned out it was not the case with this South Korean man. This won't change the fact that he is dead, nor it will ease his family's pain, but at least the truth has come to light."

No chance of a zombie experience, then.

— Ray Le Maistre, Exploding Crime Editor, Light Reading

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