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SlideshowJuniper's EX in Pictures
Craig Matsumoto

NEW YORK -- Juniper made a big, big deal out of announcing the EX line of switches yesterday. (See Juniper Storms Into Ethernet Switching.) They rented space in New York's ornate Palace Hotel and flew in press and analysts from around the world.

Whether the EX makes a splash in the market is yet to be seen. If nothing else, it made for some nice pictures.

Well, heck, Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) got its shot at a slideshow. (See Cisco C-Scape Slides.) Why not Juniper, too? Just click on the image below to start the show.

Photos courtesy of Matt Carr/Getty Images.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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Pete Baldwin
Pete Baldwin
12/5/2012 | 3:48:52 PM
re: Juniper's EX in Pictures
I am amazed I got in and out of New York without getting sick. *Everyone* there was sick.

Among the shots I meant to use but didn't (hey, i posted these in a hurry) ... Matt Carr had gotten a really nice close-up of one of the Palace chandeliers. It looked better than I'm making it sound.

There was also a good shot of Frank Ziegler, a big imposing guy, on the video screen. But that made it look like he'd been attending remotely, so we didn't use that one.

btw, the line about Ziegler's requirements making Juniper "drool" wasn't a joke. His job was to make sure the Philly Stock Exchange's member firms could get 5 millisecond response on trades, a (unusual) case where speeds and feeds make a huge difference.
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