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LVL7 Does Linux

RTP, N.C. -- LVL7 Systems, Inc., the leading provider of production-ready networking software, has announced the general-availability of FASTPATH® 4.4.3 software. This latest FASTPATH software edition now incorporates support for Linux-based systems that operate in IPv6 networks.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can jumpstart the development process on IPv6 products regardless of whether their preferred embedded operating system is Linux or VxWorks® from Wind River®. With provisions for dual IPv4/v6 stacks, IPv6 addressing, OSPFv3, and other advanced features, OEMs have the core capabilities necessary to transition their systems and customers to next-generation IP networks.

One of the first OEM customers taking advantage of the latest FASTPATH software for Linux-based products is Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI), a top-tier global supplier to the embedded computer industry.

“Over the past several years, DTI has relied on FASTPATH software to power several switch blade products in our Targa series of modular AdvancedTCA® (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) systems,” said Joe McDevitt, vice president of technical marketing for DTI. “Because customers turn to DTI for the latest innovative solutions, we rely heavily on strong suppliers like LVL7 to keep pace with technology shifts and new industry directions. Extending their IPv6 solution to Linux applications really adds value to their FASTPATH software. It’s a timely delivery that will help DTI maintain its competitive edge and create the kinds of products that build customer loyalty.”

LVL7 Systems Inc.

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