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IPv6, Anyone?

4:15 PM -- How interesting is IPv6, really?

It's something Ray McConville and I have been wrestling with for the past several weeks. The problem is that most of the IPv6 dialogue sounds a lot like what I'd been told five or even 10 years ago.

Running out of IPv4 numbers, yep. It now looks like that could happen in three years, or at most five. Mobile devices snapping up lots of IP addresses: been there. Asia's got the biggest need -- you don't say!

Then yesterday, Arbor got some ink around the Web for a survey showing that IPv6 is hardly being used. (See Report: IPv6 Arrives Slowly.) But even that's not a complete surprise. Did you really expect carriers to rush into IPv6 like fanboys at a Star Wars movie? (One that isn't The Clone Wars?)

It's like that DNS cache poisoning problem: The solution got put out there, but some carriers didn't do much about it right away. (To be fair, others did -- see Nominum Touts DNS Upgrade.)

Granted, I just gathered enough about IPv6 to fill three paragraphs without trying. My point is that it's become a maintenance story. The Next Big Thing in IPv6 is the implementation of what we've been talking about for years, and I'm not sure there's much chance it will fail. Like vacuuming the rug, it's important but hardly newsworthy.

Meanwhile, we're still on the hunt for a good IPv6 angle. If you think you've got one, or if you think I'm obstinately missing the point, holler out to [email protected].

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:34:12 PM
re: IPv6, Anyone? I'm seeing a lower-than-average number of hits for this blog entry. Which means I've got my answer, I think.
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