IMMI Claims MEMS Breakthrough

MONROVIA, Calif. -- Integrated Micromachines Incorporated (IMMI), a component start-up in 3D optical MEMS, will unveil its patent-pending ELITE (Extremely Low-loss Inductive Torsional Engines) technology at the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference which will be held March 17-22, 2001 in Anaheim, California.

The ELITE technology is based on single crystal silicon and electromagnetic actuation, resulting in low insertion loss and low drive voltage. Low loss switching technology brings many system-level benefits. For example, it is now possible to use less optically efficient but more manageable fiber ribbon array connectors, thereby reducing service time from days to minutes. With low voltage, it is possible to integrate MEMS with CMOS ASIC, thereby eliminating external driver circuitry.

“MEMS is an intrinsically scaleable manufacturing methodology ideally suited for the fabrication of thousands of microscopic mirrors. However, the Achilles’ heel for the practical implementation of optical MEMS is the interconnect. Without quick-disconnect array connectors, one would have to manage thousands of individual fibers. Similarly, without MEMS/ASIC integration, one would have to connect tens of thousands of individual electrical wires. Our customers are demanding serviceability and manufacturability. The benefits of low-loss and low-voltage are trivially obvious and highly visible to our customers.” Said Dr. Denny K Miu, Founder and CEO of IMMI.

At the OFC, IMMI will demonstrate working prototypes and present a product roadmap leading to the delivery of small form factor 1K-by-1K all-optical switches with less than 3 dB insertion loss. IMMI is funded by Adams Capital Management, Cisco Systems, INVESCO Private Capital, Juniper Capital Ventures, SunAmerica Ventures, Venture TDF and other investors.

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