Hello Intel

3:15 PM -- Not to obsess about this, but in noting the Cisco and Ciena logos earlier, I forgot to mention Intel, which produced its own new look some time ago.

See the trend? Apparently, the rage among branding consultants these days is a minimalist setting and a cuddly sans-sarif look that says, "We're friendly! Come scratch us between the ears!"

I call this the Hello Kitty look, and it's not the first place we've seen it happen. I started using the term when the National Football League started heading that way.

Look at last night's game. The Pittsburgh Steelers proudly wear soft-spoken, smoothly drawn numerals, as opposed to the blocky traditional ones. Likewise, the San Diego Chargers wear happy rounded numerals on their helmets.

The font style seems a bit soft for football, but it's worked out for the Steelers, who won Super Bowl XL in February.

That could explain it. Maybe tech companies just want to be like the Steelers. (More likely, they're hiring consultants that all read the same focus-group reports.)

Afterthought: I didn't realize Hello Kitty has a theme park. It looks like the scariest place on earth.

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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