Google's Android Gets Flash

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG)'s Android platform soon will be getting support for Flash.

Adobe Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE)'s Flash is a near-ubiquitous Web technology that's prominently used on popular sites like YouTube and Hulu, but it's generally considered too resource intensive to work well on mobile devices and smartphones. Adobe does have a Flash Lite product for phones, but it's not as robust as the full version. The software company Bsquare said it would be porting the technology to Google's mobile platform.

"Integrating Adobe Flash technology with the functionality of Google's Android platform will afford consumers the rich content and unprecedented applications they demand and is key to achieving success for our OEM and ODM customers," Bsquare CEO Brian Crowley said in a statement. "We believe that our value-added products and services can improve the Android experience for users and help our customers get their devices to market faster."

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— Marin Perez, InformationWeek

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