Google Grabber Headlines

12:40 PM -- Some Google news items of note:

  • The stock is still under $500, and some on Wall Street say that's a bargain.

  • In case you lost track... Yahoo is testing and ad deal with Google, perhaps looking at whether outsourcing to Google will help it survive longer as the online ad market collaps— I mean, consolidates. And, Yahoo is also reportedly talking to AOL about possibly joining AOL's and Yahoo's online forces to form a massive Internet content portal. Microsoft, meanwhile, is said to be talking to News Corp. about a deal that would unite MySpace and MSN.com.

  • The heads of big ad agencies are acting weirder than usual these days, probably because they all see their future as either striking a deal with Google, or getting their asses handed to them. Now Google is only focused on ad delivery. Soon enough it will offer a full roster of agency services, and these guys will find themselves down at the pub right alongside the big record label execs.

  • Oh, one more thing, while Google eats the online ad market, Yahoo is hoping there is still an opportunity to carve out a bigger space for itself by making the ad buying and selling process more simple. Yahoo ad follows:

— Phil Harvey, Managing Editor, Light Reading

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