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12:40 PM -- Some commentators are arguing that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) should take a step beyond Android and the Open Handset Alliance in 2008 and build its own 4G network in the U.S. (See Analysts: Google Plans Lack Substance .)

I remain to be convinced, however, that Google would be able to do a better job at running a nationwide network than the incumbents. This isn't child's play, folks!

Consider the teething troubles many users reported when Google launched its municipal WiFi network in Mountain View, Calif. People complained about slow speeds and poor connectivity from the new technology. That's just one city, and there are plenty of similar issues that will crop up in deploying 4G technology in the 700MHz band. (See WiFi Outlook Cloudy in Mountain View.)

That is not to say that Google won't make a play -- likely as part of a consortium -- for the "open access" C band of the analog TV spectrum when it goes up for auction in January 2008. The search giant has already said as much in public comments. I imagine, however, that the firm would be better off striking a mobile virtual network operator agreement with a carrier partner rather than trying to go it alone. Sprint Wireless (NYSE: PCS) and T-Mobile US Inc. are already onboard as part of the Open Handset Alliance, after all. (See Google Makes Mobile Move.)

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

wap545 12/5/2012 | 2:59:05 PM
re: Google & 4G Google just might surprise everyone and work directly with Verizon Wireless (partially owned by VodaPhone)who cannot afford to lose the 700Mhz Upper C Block and be a viable 4G provider.
They (VW) also recognize that Google needs a Network operator to run any new 700Mhz Network.
Both Google and VW fear the power of AT&T in this 700Mhz space as well-AT&T will be bidding the Lower Band A & B Block spectrum to round out their new 700Mhz C Block Spectrum they got from Aloha Partners.
Why VW? They run one of the best operated Cell Network in the US, they need a means of delivering real Broadband Services and their EV-DO network struggles when it tries to address the emerging demands of susbcribers for real symmetrical services (P2P and Upload speeds are killing them).
Why Google ? They get the best of both worlds by teaming with Google in 700Mhz. They get solid Broadband last mile experience as a compliment to their Narrowband data and high quality voice cell network, access to Googles Nationwide Data Centers. Plus Content/Applications, and Hosting services. They also eliminate a major competitor driving up the C Block price.
Sprint is not a viable option for Google, since they are struggling with 2.5Ghz WiMAX and consider 700Mhz a threat past 2009.

joset01 12/5/2012 | 2:59:04 PM
re: Google & 4G Yeah, frankly, I wouldn't rule out anything at this juncture.

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