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Gambit Mimics

NASHUA, N.H. -- Gambit Communications today announced the release of the industry's first integrated Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS(R)) simulation tool, MIMIC(TM) IOS Simulator, as part of MIMIC Simulator 5.20. It provides enterprise users and management application developers the capability to perform real-world simulations for integrated IOS and internetworking. This allows enterprises to ensure the smooth rollout of new implementations and thorough training of their IT staff. Management application developers are able to develop and test their products in a virtual, scalable, network environment. "MIMIC IOS Simulator is a welcome addition to the arsenal of test tools utilized by Miercom labs," said Rob Smithers, President of Miercom Testing Labs. "Being able to simulate Cisco devices is important in creating real-world scenarios in the test lab environment. In addition, MIMIC offers a huge cost savings by reducing or outright eliminating the need for extensive equipment infrastructures in the lab."Gambit Communications Inc.
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