Frontline Folds

9:30 AM -- What happened to Frontline Wireless, LLC ? According to reports, the public safety startup is now "closed for business" because it could not raise the upfront payment it needed to participate in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 's 700 MHz auction later this month.

One fewer bidder in the auction will undoubtedly be good news for Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Verizon Wireless , the cable companies, and various other companies that have applied. But the auction has lost an advocate of open access network rules. (See The 700MHz Impact, FCC Delays 700 MHz Auction , Outlook Mixed for WiMax at 700 MHz, Verizon: A Narrowband Horizon?, Frontline Files Petition, Google Pledges $4.6B for Spectrum, and 700MHz Throwdown Looms.)

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Unstrung

wap545 12/5/2012 | 3:50:10 PM
re: Frontline Folds A few comments:
Verizon Wireless will bid and win this Upper Band D Block (10Mhz) of spectrum along with the Upper Band C Block (20Mhz), which they will incorporate into and enhance their faultering EV-DO Narrowband Network.

If I recall Verizon Wireless was also directly involved in an earlier 700Mhz Spectrum award to allow a Nationwide License build out in 700Mhz for the Federal Government agencies. This fits nicely (build out of network on same towers)into both of the two Upper Band License being auctioned.

The Spectrums (C & D)are also contiguous and should work well together offering up to 30Mhz of Spectrum for their commercial space-assuming no emergency.

I thought the Upper Band C Block was the only Spectrum being auctioned that requires an Open Environment.Why would this have any impact on Frontline bidding for the D Block ?

Ref to Google and the Upper Band C Block spectrum. I think they will make sure the $4.9Billion bid is met and then force Verizon Wireless to bid some serious $$ to get the spectrum. They will then back out and re-focus their efforts on the "free and Unlicensed" (Hopefully)"White Space" where they can participate with Local Service Providers to deploy a serious Broadband Wireless network connected to their Cloud Computing world.

The real questions in this Wireless Broadband market is what Sprint/Clearwire, the WiMAX Forum and the supporting vendors going to do with the limited (Foliage) 2.5Ghz spectrum when new providers (WISP)will have a distinct advantage (Reach, Penetration, lower cost to deploy)while deploying a 700Mhz network.

My feeling is that Sprints new CEO will allow them to go ahead with their initial Trial sites (using 2.5Ghz), then work something out with Google and others using either the 700Mhz or the new White Space (400Mhz +-) spectrum.
If the FCC allows the White Space to remain Unlicensed and free it will have an immediate impact on Sprint and all other CellCo.
There are at least 3 vendors making 700Mhz & or 400Mhz radios today that either have or can quick;y add the WiMAX Mobile features to these systems. This will allow the Local Providers bidding in their local markets (CMA)to quickly enter this space and begin competing with the CellCO and possibly some fo the Wired services.

This is the type network that will cause the CellCO's fits and will dominate the space starting in late 2009.

Jim A. (aka Jacomo)
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