FMC: Heard of It?

8:00 AM -- You have to ask yourself why the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) didn't build any kind of cellular support into its 770 Tablet. (See Nokia Rx: Take a Tablet & Talk.)

Granted, the product came out last year and the hype around fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) wasn't as palpable as it is now. Nonetheless, surely the device is big enough to squeeze a GSM chip in there somewhere.

I wonder if Nokia wanted to avoid irking its carrier buddies with the possibility of calls being taken off their networks. The tablet typically sells for $349, while the Communicator smartphones that do have WiFi are typically in the $500 range (if you can find them at all). So the 770 is -- at least on paper -- the more appealing device, apart from its lack of cellular connectivity.

Carriers don't have to worry much about VOIP calls on WiFi yet. There just isn't the coverage in public and corporate spaces to make a WiFi handset a viable alternative to your trusty moby just yet.

But as we've seen before, they're a somewhat paranoid bunch, so I have to imagine that they are already figuring out ways to ensure that cutting the wires doesn't mean waving goodbye to your carrier as well.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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