Finns Find Cause for Concern

Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is the latest organization to question whether prolonged use of mobile phones might cause health problems.

As well as monitoring the output from nuclear power stations and the like, the authority, known as STUK, examines the "biological effects of radiation, levels and prevention of natural radiation… and non-ionising radiation (radars, lasers, UV radiation, mobile telephones, etc.)."

Its latest delve into the world of wireless, which included a two-year research program involving human cells, not just those of rats, found that under certain prolonged usage conditions, cells that protect the human brain might undergo changes that could raise the prospect of damage to the cerebral spheres.

But STUK scientists have also said the effects on cells are not necessarily a threat to health, and that more research is needed to determine the actual risks of intensive mobile phone usage.

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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