Extreme's Jain Drain

Extreme Networks Inc.'s (Nasdaq: EXTR) wireless LAN maestro, Vipin Jain, is leaving the company as the firm folds its 802.11 unit back into its wired business, Unstrung has learned.

Sources say that Jain will continue to consult at Extreme, but for all pratical purposes the VP and general manager of the firm's "LAN access business" has left the company.

A spokesman for Extreme confirmed that the company is integrating its wireless business back into the mainstream. The company intends to keep pushing its "unified access" strategy of building both wired and wireless features into switch products (see Extreme Ships WLAN Kit).

The Extreme spokesbloke was less forthcoming on Jain's role at the firm. "He's still employed today," Unstrung was told when we popped the question. The spokesdude refused to comment when asked about Jain's future at Extreme.

Extreme was extremely bullish about the prospects for its initial wireless LAN switch products when it first introduced them last year (see Extreme Hatches Switch Surprise and So Extremely Sorry, Startups). But -- so far at least -- that confidence doesn't appear to have translated into significant market share.

WLAN switch pioneer Symbol Technologies Inc. (NYSE: SBL) is still the market leader in that particular niche (see WLAN: Winners & Losers). Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) dominates overall market for enterprise 802.11 access points and other equipment. Extreme grabbed a 1.4 percent share in the last quarter of 2003, according to Synergy Research Group Inc.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

lrmobile_Donkey 12/5/2012 | 1:10:36 AM
re: Extreme's Jain Drain How much longer will the industry have to suffer watching this company flounder? Management is a revolving door, they haven't done anything in 802.11, they don't have a credible 10 gig story, etc.

Gordon: figure it out or hang up your spurs, cowboy.
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