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Everyone Loves FiOS

12:10 PM -- I'm returning from a two-week vacation, half of which was spent with my family in the glorious suburbs of Southern New Jersey. The following is a list of things I learned while trying to ignore work, and the broader telecom market in general:

  1. Everyone loves FiOS. One uncle has it already and couldn't say enough good things about it. My grandfather couldn't wait to get it. And many other interested parties were curious to find out when it might be available in their areas. (As someone who lives in Brooklyn, I can expect FiOS to never be available, so I must be content in enjoying it when visiting family.)
  2. Guitar Hero 3 rawks. Hard.
  3. I hate the Patriots. And Patriots fans. Or pretty much anyone in Boston. I mean, having the World Series champs, the only undefeated team in football, and the best team in basketball right now in one city is just plain unfair.
  4. This has to be the worst flu season ever. I can't remember any year where I knew as any people that had been sick for as long as everyone seems to be this winter.
  5. It's really difficult to go back to work after two weeks off.

— Ryan Lawler, Recovering Reporter, Light Reading

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