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Yipes Intros Extranets

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc. (www.yipes.com) today introduced the first-ever Ethernet-based Extranet for electronic trading capable of directly delivering financial market and exchange data to banks, brokers, hedge funds, institutional investors and investment managers.

The introduction of the Yipes FinancialConnect! suite of services establishes the company as a direct source for exchange data over its network, and comes as the rapid rise of electronic trading places ever-greater communications infrastructure demands on markets around the world. Yipes FinancialConnect! was developed to address the need for faster and more scalable networks to support the rapid growth of electronic trading. Delivering its services over its secure, global, fiber-based network, Yipes guarantees its services with some of the most aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) in the industry.

"Speed and scalability of networks are absolutely critical to the growth of electronic trading," said Larry Tabb, Founder & CEO of TABB Group, a financial markets advisory firm. "The winners in the electronic trading network world will be the ones to deliver extremely low latency, high bandwidth services that are not only easy to connect but easy to maintain."

Yipes Enterprise Services Inc.

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