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Web Content Storms Ethernet Market

Web content firms now represent the fastest-growing vertical market for retail Ethernet services in the US, and a handful of other emerging verticals are reshaping the traditional market structure, according to a new research report from Heavy Reading.

The report, "US Ethernet Services Vertical Market Update: 2014-2019," notes the four traditional vertical market segments in the retail Ethernet sector -- financial, government, healthcare and education -- still account for at least half of US retail Ethernet sales. However, Heavy Reading Contributing Analyst Steve Koppman says the "Web 2.0/content/media sector constitutes the fastest growing and most dynamic Ethernet service opportunity."

Meanwhile, another three verticals -- manufacturing, retail and professional services -- also are beginning to ramp up, largely on the increasing adoption of Ethernet services by small and medium-sized businesses. The SMB market has been a major factor in the competitive emergences of business Ethernet offerings from cable TV companies. (See Comcast, Level 3 Flex Ethernet Muscles.)

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Together, the four emerging verticals account for about 30% of US retail Ethernet sales. The growth of the Web 2.0/content/media vertical should come as no surprise to anyone who saw Heavy Reading's 2010 report, "@US Ethernet Vertical Markets: A Five Year Market Forecast." That report predicted the development of what was then termed the "media/enterainment" vertical. The rapid adopt by the content sector also fits that vertical's increasing deployment of optical and Ethernet equipment as a means of interconnecting massive data centers. (See Optical Vendors Optimistic Despite Shrinking Market.)

— Dan O'Shea, Managing Editor, Light Reading

danielcawrey 9/6/2014 | 4:16:20 PM
Re: New customers? I'm not surprised that content is such a huge market. There is a need for it from consumers, but also enterprise customers need to be able to stream packages of data globally.

This trend is only going to increase – I have no idea what the acutal limit for something like this would really be. 
mhhf1ve 9/5/2014 | 3:50:43 PM
Video traffic? I assume this statistic is based on the rapid rise of video traffic? 
Atlantis-dude 9/5/2014 | 12:27:01 PM
New customers? Or sre these just upgrades for circuit switched leased lines.
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