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mendyk 9/25/2014 | 2:50:22 PM
Re: MEF critics MEF has a tendency to favor self-interest over its stated mission. TM Forum also has done that sort of thing. It's not easy to balance the organizaton's priorities with the priorities of its membership, especially when industry groups become revenue-generating machines. In comparison, IETF set a high standard for putting the greater good first.
sam masud 9/25/2014 | 11:51:00 AM
Re: MEF as we know it Agree with most of your post, but until MEF came along no one was talking up carrier-grade Ethernet, and their specs and conformance testing surely did much to promote Ethernet services.
cnwedit 9/25/2014 | 8:26:13 AM
MEF critics I have heard these criticisms of the MEF for some time now and anticipate this go-round won't be any different. 

There is no reason for the critics to be silent until MEF produces what it is promising, which is service orchestration that goes beyond Ethernet into the IP and optical domains.

So whether or not industry folks are "fooled" by the MEF is not the issue here. Unlike previous technology transitions, which were often vendor led or at least vendor co-opted, this move to virtualize networks to make them flexible, agile and scalable is being driven by the large Tier 1 service providers. No one organization will be able to insert itself into this process and have an impact unless it is producing something useful. 

If the MEF does that, its contributions will be welcome, if it doesn't, it will quickly become irrelevant. The same thing goes for every other organization developing a standard or specification or in any way intending to contribute work to this process. 
t.bogataj 9/25/2014 | 8:13:03 AM
MEF as we know it This is typical for MEF, there's nothing new about it.

Recall ATM forum? Only when it was clear that ATM was loosing against Ethernet, and the guys from ATM forum eventually understood they needed to do something against their personal obsolescence, they initiated MEF. With little essence and good marketing they managed to convince the community that they really contributed to Ethernet (though they did not).

And MEF today? The SDN did not want to go away, so MEF guys had to wake up and do something, whatever. Hence these announcements. I hope the community is wiser today then it was back then... not buying their "efforts".

This just confirms that MEF feels threatened by SDN/NFV. Panicked?

DanJones 9/24/2014 | 8:56:04 PM
Re: Aha! Sure, and no company or group ever has an agenda beyond what they tell you in their marketing pitch right?
sam masud 9/24/2014 | 2:22:41 PM
Aha! Carol,

Not tooting my own horn, but as I posted yesterday the anticipated MEF announcement would pertain to Ethernet services because specifying services is what MEF is all about. I did not think the MEF would horn into ONF/ODP terriroty.


Just thought I'd mention it, but not saying "I told you so... :-)
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