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Light Reading Hall of Fame 2014

Five more notable individuals from the communications sector have been inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals, both the famous and the infamous, who have made a notable contribution to the global telecom sector. Among those inducted in previous years are Steve Jobs, Bob Metcalfe, Martin Cooper, Irwin Jacobs, Niklas Zennström, Edward Snowden, and Bernie Ebbers. (Guess which of these were deemed to be infamous...)

So, who made it this year?

  • Larissa Herda, tw telecom
  • Glen F. Post III, CenturyLink
  • Kris Rinne, AT&T
  • Brian Roberts, Comcast
  • Stephen Elop, Microsoft

Find out more about them, and why they've been inducted into the Hall of Fame, in the following pages.

— The staff, Light Reading

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Susan Fourtané 5/13/2015 | 4:21:38 AM
Yep, pure coincidence Ahh, how nice it is to be redirected to some bits of Nokia history right after the culmination of its 150th anniversary. I also believe it was an extraordinary sequence of events those during Elop's reign. I believe, too, he was always a Microsoft man, even when not at Microsoft. -Susan
Carol Wilson 7/24/2014 | 12:40:47 PM
Re: post tw telecom? Level 3 released its management team list and -- no surprise -- she's not on it. But I think that means one of two things: She's stepping away or we'll see her at the top of another company very soon. 
mhhf1ve 7/9/2014 | 3:59:03 PM
post tw telecom? Any word on what Larissa Herda is going to do after the Level3 acquisition?
R Clark 6/24/2014 | 10:59:39 PM
Hall of Infamy Not quite in the Ebbers, Kozlowski or Winnick league, but still a worthy inclusion in the THoI.

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