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5:45 PM -- NEW YORK -- Ethernet Expo -- In a morning session on carrier innovators in Ethernet, KDDI Corp. talked about the proprietary mechanism it's using for delivering services.

It's called Ethernet over Ethernet (EOE), and it's a proprietary alternative to Mac-in-Mac. KDDI made that choice about seven years ago.

"We used to use regular Mac-in-Mac and that didn't work out right," said Taichi "Todd" Okamoto, KDDI's manager of sales engineering for the western United States. "So we worked with another vendor and came up with a specific proprietary frame. Since then, it's been great."

It's true that Mac-in-Mac -- also known as Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) -- is commonplace now, but we're talking about seven years ago, so KDDI's story seems understandable.

EOE is similar to Mac-in-Mac. KDDI encapsulates traffic under carrier MAC addresses for the backbone to read, which means fewer address numbers get used over the backbone.

EOE infuses some extras like a time-to-live parameter, which helps prevent loops from forming. KDDI filed no patents on this stuff, and Okamoto says he's seeing others adopt some of the ideas behind the technology, so it's possible that pieces of the proprietary EOE will find their way into standards after all.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

t.bogataj 12/5/2012 | 3:29:12 PM
re: Ethernet Over Ethernet Let me see if I get this story right...

*Seven* years ago, KDDI tried regular Mac-in-Mac. I wander what "regular" Mac-in-Mac that was at the time--

*Seven* years ago, this "regular Mac-in-Mac" didn't work for KDDI, so they decided for a proprietary EoE.

For the last *seven* years, EoE worked great, and *seven* years later they decide to publish this news?

Perhaps KDDI should try PBB now (yes, that dull "regular Mac-in-Mac") instead of serving us this cold, stale news?

Craig, why do you find this understandable *seven* years later? And even dare asking us not to laugh?


PS. Oh, by the way: For the last seven years, hexagons worked much better for me than the wheel had used to.
OldPOTS 12/5/2012 | 3:29:11 PM
re: Ethernet Over Ethernet
"It's true that Mac-in-Mac -- also known as Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) -- is commonplace now---"

How many bytes do those MAC-in-MAC addresses take?
And I thought we got rid of ATM because it had an address byte tax!

Also Ethernet over MPLS bytes?

How about the very efficient POS? Thats right it doesn't have Ethernet in the Name!


PS -I'm not that protocol religious (I think all have several weaknesses), just asking those that are.
paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:29:09 PM
re: Ethernet Over Ethernet
I thought we got rid of ATM due to cell tax not of overhead but due to SARs.

I think the problem has been that we want to have a layer of carrier managed addressing that is separate from customer managed addressing.

So, we have now invented several mechanisms to do this and have declared them all to be a panacea. The best part is the control plane bit. We now have the magic control plane that the other standard didn't have! Or we have a provisioned model!

Gotta love it. We have not invented the hexagon. We have invented a round object within a hole in it. We are calling it the donut because it is very different than a wheel.


PS - Read with heavy sarcasm and lots of it around the idea that these newer standards invented something that was not in the older ones. It is just a chance to re-implement the existing behavior on a new protocol.
Petabit 12/5/2012 | 3:29:07 PM
re: Ethernet Over Ethernet Seven years? Pah.

Nortel was shipping Ethernet over Ethernet TEN years ago, on the OM3500 platform. Again it was a proprietary protocol, called OEL2.

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