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Ethernet Exchange of Blows

1:15 PM -- NEW YORK -- Ethernet Expo Americas 2009 -- Nan Chen told Light Reading earlier this week that there'd be no conflict of interest between his jobs as president of the MEF and of CENX Inc. , the company promising to interconnect carriers' Ethernet services. (See Ethernet Gets a CENX View.)

But in a sense, CENX's debut came on MEF's dime. Chen gave a Tuesday morning Ethernet Expo talk that was billed as an update on standards and the MEF's overall direction. But he ended his talk with a plug for CENX, including a slide of the yellow-and-black logo.

Chen had told Light Reading on Monday that service providers in the MEF were turning to him, personally, to see the Ethernet peering idea to fruition. That's fine. But one of the MEF's newer members is Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), which recently launched a Carrier Ethernet Exchange program that competes with CENX. (See Equinix Offers Global Ethernet Peering and Carriers Join Equinix's Exchange.) How thrilled were they to see their new organization president flogging a competitor? (We did ask. Equinix declined to comment.) — Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

knockemdead 12/5/2012 | 3:53:00 PM
re: Ethernet Exchange of Blows The original slide deck sent from the MEF to the Ethernet Expo events team was received on October 27 and conveniently didn't include any information or reference to CENX. The final slide deck was received by the Ethernet Expo events team the night before the presentation so we didn't get to proof the slides like we normally would have. The CENX information definitely SLIPPED through the cracks and shouldn't be considered Ethernet Expo endorsed material. Although, I think after the MEF presentation and this blog CENX has definitely received more than its fair share of coverage
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