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EENY 2010: SLAs Get Their Day

5:25 PM -- NEW YORK -- Ethernet Expo Americas 2010 -- Speeds and feeds are fun to write about, but network monitoring seems to be a crucial area these days.

In Ethernet services, there seems to be deep interest in monitoring for service level agreements (SLAs). For some enterprise buyers, the ability to provide SLA metrics -- to prove that you're supplying the level of service that's been promised -- has become more important than price, said Craig Easley, vice president of marketing for Accedian

Easley was speaking on a panel about Carrier Ethernet access platforms. His point was supported by Mark McDonald, vice president of product management for Overture Networks Inc. : "Being able to monitor class of service flows down to the queue level -- that's very important in getting people more comfortable with putting premium Ethernet services on native Ethernet infrastructure," he said.

In other words, if a service is really important, an enterprise could be really nervous about handing it over to an Ethernet network.

Ethernet equipment providers already know that. Easley's point was interesting, though, because if I'm interpreting it correctly, it implies people will pay more for a rock-solid SLA monitoring package.

How does an equipment vendor, or an Ethernet service provider, prove it's No. 1 in SLA monitoring? I don't know. But whoever can do that stands to have an advantage with certain types of customers.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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