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The Spin-In Lottery

9:45 AM -- Interesting quote about the Andiamo spin-in and Nuova acquisition at Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), courtesy of Forbes:

"Spin-ins are a creative model to accelerate innovation and bring in engineers you couldn't normally recruit--and financial gains go to entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists," says Jayshree Ullal, a 15-year Cisco veteran who built the [Nexus] 7000 then left last May as the Nuova people came back in. "But it's a nightmare when the guy in the next cubicle is a multimillionaire and you aren't, because you weren't chosen." She left Cisco for personal reasons, she says, adding that she had to deal with a lot of unhappy employees over the spin-in structure.

Ullal left Cisco recently, as it says, following Charles Giancarlo out the door. The Forbes article is really about Cisco's plans for the data center, but that passage is part of an interesting interlude about the changes among top executives and the internal effects of the Andiamo paycheck, in particular.

The article doesn't point to Ullal leaving as a direct result of Nuova politics, as some sources suggested, but it does support the idea that not everyone in Cisco was happy about the star treatment Andiamo and Nuova got.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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