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LR Names 2008 Leading Lights Winners

  • Best New Startup: Awarded to the recently launched private company that our editors believe has the best chance at success because of its proven managers, solid backing, and interesting products or services addressing next-generation communications markets.

    Menara Networks
    Yeah, that's right, an optical startup wins this category.

    Take your time, and pass the smelling salts around.

    But this new transceiver specialist appears to have found itself a niche in the pluggable components market that is making waves and attracting the attention of companies such as Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR), which could plug Menara Networks 's DWDM transceivers straight into its routers. (See Menara Pitches OTN Advances and The 2008 Leading Lights Finalists.)

    It has money, it has a seasoned management team, it has significant backing from LR's readers in the Reader Survey voting, and it has this year's Best Startup award.

  • Best Investment Potential: Awarded to the public company that represents the best long-term potential return on investment by virtue of solid management, product development, and market growth potential.

    What a time to be awarding ANYONE with a Best Investment Potential award, but the Finnish handset giant gets the gong this year as its diversified portfolio, leading position in the still-strong mobile device market, and careful cost control make it one of the few companies you might consider buying into at present. In tough times, we like that Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) has around $11 billion in cash and liquid assets, and very little debt, even after buying NAVTEQ. We also like the 4 percent-plus dividend, too.
  • Best Deal Maker: Awarded to the company that has consistently demonstrated good timing, judgment, and execution in high-profile acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic investments, or other creative ways of extending its reach in the market.

    Nokia Siemens Networks
    Nokia Networks stood out in this category for the combination of its strategic thinking and ability to buy in new expertise and business without breaking the bank.

    Its two purchases, of integrated mobile subscriber data management specialist Apertio Ltd. and carrier Ethernet switch player Atrica gave it key technology in two critical areas of growth for a combined price of less than $300 million.

    NSN's management has proclaimed itself very pleased with Apertio's business ramp since the February deal, while the Atrica acquisition has given NSN its own IP/MPLS capabilities to work with and has already spawned a new carrier Ethernet switch, the A-2200. (See Nokia Siemens Shares Ethernet Secrets, Nokia Siemens to Acquire Atrica, NSN Completes Atrica Buy, Nokia Siemens Shares Ethernet Secrets, Nokia Siemens Snaps Up IMS Vendor, Sprint Picks Nokia Siemens, and NSN Completes Apertio Buy.)

    Key additions for reasonable prices in important and growing markets makes NSN our Best Deal Maker this year.

  • Best Marketing: Awarded to the company that has best communicated a specific technological vision and/or business proposition to customers and investors, especially in cases where the company has defined and led the market.

    Cisco Systems
    Who else would have thought of deploying the services of the Easter Bunny, The Stork, Santa, Unicorn, and Cupid to promote a new router? It was a campaign, which you can still see here, that created a buzz and attracted a lot of attention -- exactly the results Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) was looking for, and inventive enough (just) to give Cisco the edge in this category. (See Cisco's Big Launch and Cisco Launches ASR.)

    — The Staff, Light Reading

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