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Foundry Gets Certified

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Foundry Networks(r), Inc. (Nasdaq:FDRY), a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end switching and routing, today announced that its stackable and chassis based core, aggregation and edge switches have passed the rigorous Department of Defense (DoD) JITC Voice over IP (VoIP) Assured Services Voice Application Local Area Networking (ASVALAN) interoperability testing. Foundry's switches are now fully tested and approved to operate with JITC-certified VoIP PBX systems using standards based Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols for switching and routing.

"The DoD interoperability testing process is not only challenging but also incredibly thorough," said Jay Hatch, vice president of federal sales for Foundry Networks. "Foundry's networking products are now validated to operate with a variety of available VoIP solutions and integrate seamlessly with many exiting IP PBX appliances. Government organizations can now purchase Foundry networking switches with confidence, knowing it is fully interoperable with their choice of available VoIP solutions."

Each of the products Foundry submitted for testing received certification, this includes the BigIron backbone switches, FastIron backbone and aggregation switches, and FastIron Edge access switches. The JITC certification tests validate interoperability, delay, jitter, packet loss and reliability. Foundry's switching products were tested with IP telephony solutions from Avaya, Cisco, Siemens and Sphere Communications.

Foundry delivers completely integrated and secure Quality of Service (QoS), Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Wireless Mobility networking solutions that support best-of-breed VoIP telephony vendors' offerings. Embedded and dynamic wire-speed QoS is provided at both Layer 2 and Layer 3. Foundry provides a complete set of PoE chassis and stackable solutions with a broad range of endpoint security capabilities using standard 802.1x and multi-device MAC authentication.

Foundry Networks believes that customers should be able to choose the tools that fit their business needs. The Company is committed to creating converged networking solutions that will enable any telephony vendors' products to interoperate with Foundry's superior network infrastructure equipment. Foundry works with a growing list of the best-of-breed IP telephony vendors, such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Shoretel and Siemens, to deliver certified solutions to its customers.

Foundry Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: FDRY)

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