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3:20 PM -- Here's a quote I'll probably end up using next week:

    One of the things I said to the MEF when they got going was: You ought to have a management track. Like Sonet and SDH.

That's Michael Howard from Infonetics Research Inc. . Management is always mentioned as a hole in carrier Ethernet, a primary factor blocking it from becoming ubiquitous in carrier metro/edge networks.

This year is already seeing an explosion of -- well, of talk, at least -- around the management question, and NXTcomm next week is likely to see some product announcements and deeper discussion along those lines.

It's part of the extra intelligence that's loosely being called Carrier Ethernet 2.0. This video from April's Ethernet Expo shows that carriers do think there's a next step for Ethernet. Get ready to hear a lot more about it. Or, if you'd rather do the talking, chalk up some suggestions, or even a wish list, on the message board below.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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