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ANDA Still on the Block

LONDON -- Ethernet Europe 2011 -- Word on the show floor here in London is that Ethernet access technology specialist ANDA Networks Inc. is still on the block, but that it's just the bare bones of the company (little more than the company's technology assets) that are up for grabs. (See Rumor: ANDA's About to Be Acquired.)

French transport vendor Ekinops SA had taken a close look at ANDA and been engaged in a potential acquisition but, according to a source in the Ethernet access sector, pulled out. (See Ekinops: Making Overtures to ANDA?)

Why? One industry expert, who requested anonymity, tells Light Reading that Ekinops was likely put off by the increasing dominance of Overture Networks Inc. , which recently boosted its market share and technology portfolio by merging with Hatteras to create a formidable player in the Ethernet access market. (See Overture & Hatteras Gang Up on Carrier Ethernet.)

So even though the Ethernet access market is currently enjoying a growth spurt -- see Carrier Ethernet Access Enters 2011 on a High -- there appear to be no takers currently for ANDA's assets.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

[email protected] 12/5/2012 | 5:07:45 PM
re: ANDA Still on the Block Ray, I don't believe that was the REAL reason talks broke down. After at least six offers between $90 to $500M, I have to think the problem lies elsewhere.
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