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Aktino Completes Osmine

IRVINE, Calif. -- The high bandwidth-over-copper products from Aktino, the industry leader in delivery of business-class broadband over the existing copper wiring infrastructure, have successfully completed the Telcordia Technologies OSMINE Services process.

Aktino announced the achievement today, noting that the company’s high-bandwidth copper platform is now ready for seamless integration into the RBOC Operations Support Systems (OSS). The process included Telcordia’s TIRKS® and NMA® OSSs as well as Stage 3/4 TIRKS work that allows a service to be defined on multiple bonded copper pairs.

OSMINE – Operations Systems Modifications for the Integration of Network Elements – is a process in which suppliers work with Telcordia to verify that the suppliers’ products will operate in the infrastructure maintained by the large Regional Bell Operating Companies. Telcordia tests for network compatibility and interoperability with Telcordia OSSs, such as TIRKS, an integrated record-keeping system, and NMA, a network monitoring system.

The OSMINE process is a key step for an equipment maker seeking to install its products in the networks of large, incumbent service providers, and Aktino is addressing its customers' requirements by completing the process.

“Aktino is poised to win a major contract with a large service provider, and by completing the OSMINE process, we demonstrate that our products are fully ready to operate in that provider’s network,” said Bruce Kimble, president of Aktino. “With investments like these and our company’s quality commitment in being ISO 9000/TL 9000 compliant for the past two years, Aktino wants to assure its present and future customers of our ability to scale with their plans for the long run.”

Aktino has three prominent members in its product family. The AK3000 provides long-reach DS3 (45 Mbps) services. The AK4000 enables true 10 to 50 Mbps business-class Ethernet services, while the AK5000 is a scalable, shelf-based platform for larger installations. All the Aktino products are based on the company’s groundbreaking MIMO on DMT (Multiple Input Multiple Output on Discrete Multi-Tone) technology, which minimizes crosstalk among the copper pairs and enables greater bandwidth per pair and a much longer reach. The approach provides a coverage footprint of high bandwidth throughout the entire Carrier Serving Area.

Kimble noted that Aktino is focused not only on superior rate, reach, and performance reliability, but also on keeping the Total Cost of Ownership low by addressing the operations cost of its products.

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