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10Gig EPON Warms Up

3:50 PM -- It's soon going to be 10-Gbit/s EPON season, at least in terms of product announcements, as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) 802.3av standard revs up for probable ratification this fall.

The GPON camp has an easy angle for criticizing 10-Gbit/s EPON: namely, that the standard's symmetric nature means putting 10-Gbit/s optics inside customer premises equipment (CPE), the side of PON that needs high volumes and relatively low prices.

The EPON camp volleys back by pointing out that most deployments are going to be in Asia, in multiple-tenant circumstances. Assuming decent take-up rates, that means the 10-Gbit/s cost gets divided up.

"In countries like Korea, the cost of a PON -- the customer premises equipment and a portion of the central office equipent -- is $80 per subscriber at 1 Gbit/s," says Julie Kunstler, vice president of business development at Teknovus Inc. For 10 Gbit/s, the cost could be about twice that -- but divided among multiple subscribers.

The result is that 10-Gbit/s EPON has a shot at being cheaper per subscriber than even 1 Gbit/s PONs, Kunstler says. "The cost estimates that have gone to the carriers have not spooked them."

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Frank 12/5/2012 | 4:09:56 PM
re: 10Gig EPON Warms Up Thanks for the follow-through Craig. $80 for the ONU and a share of the ONT seems incredibly inexpensive to me.
Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:09:59 PM
re: 10Gig EPON Warms Up Got the answer to Frank's first question a couple of days ago & forgot to post it here. $80 cost represents:

GONU device/box for the home
GA portion of the OLT board or box in the central office G assuming an average split ratio
Frank 12/5/2012 | 4:10:18 PM
re: 10Gig EPON Warms Up H Craig. I'm still left to wonder what the $80 sticker represents. First costs? Amortized? Can you elaborate on this some? Perhaps if you were to also state what the perceived average cost of an EPON ONU/ONT is, that would be helpful too. TIA.
Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:10:20 PM
re: 10Gig EPON Warms Up That's $80 per subscriber, not 280. It's been corrected; apologies for the mistype.
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