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Ethernet Academy

3:20 PM -- The Ethernet Academy is now open.

This morning, the MEF -- in association with Infonetics Research Inc. , Current Analysis , and Heavy Reading -- launched a new Website that will attempt to advance the understanding of Ethernet in the industry. This new site will host peer-reviewed papers, blogs by industry experts, and a social network where Ethernet’s finer points can be argued discussed at a technical level. The peer-review submission guidelines are right here and the submission form is here.

Perhaps, just this morning, you've been searching your soul and wondering if the requirement for 50-millisecond signal recovery in traditional telecom networks was just a bit picky. Well, you might be thrilled to know there's at least one paper arguing that the 50 ms requirement is "not relevant to most of the applications running over Metro Ethernet Networks."

On that bombshell, I'll recommend that you bookmark and regularly stop by the Ethernet Academy. Heavy Reading's Stan Hubbard will be a contributor there, and having another outlet to tap his Ethernet knowledge alone is probably worth the click. Finally, as you might have guessed, you'll sometimes see Light Reading's editors lurking around the hallowed halls of the Ethernet Academy as well. Engineers with opinions are nothing, if not a goldmine for news stories.

— Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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