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Don't Ask a Ninja

3:30 PM -- LAS VEGAS -- I've arrived here for NAB, greeted at the airport by billboards saying Carrot Top is in town. Is that some kind of threat?

I'm spending part of today in the IPTV World sessions. It got a slow start as NBC vice president of technology Sheau Ng read from scripted remarks, outlining the network's efforts in delivering content online. Lots of pretty pictures in the slides, at least.

He did have some interesting stats. About 60 percent of those polled by NBC said they use the NBC.com site to watch entire episodes (as opposed to quitting midway). Not surprising, considering the No. 1 reason why they watch online at all is to catch up on missed episodes.

Mobile TV is getting mentioned by just about every speaker, along with the premise that content should be available on all devices. Nice that they all agree, but there's little talk here about what's being done to get there. More of a show-floor topic, I guess.

Separately, there's much being made, during a panel about attracting eyeballs, about the Ask a Ninja program on Revver. Michael Stroud (CEO of iHollywood Forum, the conference organizer) is apparently a big fan and is pressing the IT guys to call up Ask a Ninja to show the audience. They're having trouble, possibly because (wait for it) the wireless access isn't working.

Maybe I just haven't watched it enough, but... isn't Ask a Ninja just a less funny shadow of Strongbad? — Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:10:03 PM
re: Don't Ask a Ninja For the record, and in fairness to the iHollywood guys, mobile TV did get a session here. My bad. Turns out there was an afternoon talk (which I couldn't attend) about scaling video to the "three screens." (Meaning PC/TV/mobile; "three screens" is a buzzword we're already getting sick of.)
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