Does Microsoft Have Mesh Ambitions?

The latest edition of Unstrung Insider finds that software giant Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) may have designs on wireless LAN mesh technology.

Unstrung Insider chief analyst Gabriel Brown points out in the Wireless Mesh: New Wave Broadband report that Microsoft already has some mesh software available for download called the Mesh Connectivity Layer (MCL) driver. The MCL driver sits between Layer 2 (the link layer) and Layer 3 (the network layer).

But it's what the firm could develop that interests Brown. He notes that Microsoft is researching mesh applications: "The public face of Microsoft and wireless mesh is the Microsoft Networking Research Group, which maintains a mesh networking Web page and has published several relevant research papers." In June 2004, the Group organized the Mesh Networking Summit 2004 to brainstorm various aspects of mesh networking.

Microsoft has examined different methods of wireless mesh networking, Brown finds, including "how multi-radio mesh nodes allow higher throughput than single radio nodes...

"It’s unclear why Microsoft is pursuing this research," he writes. "We suspect the primary interest is in consumer-scale meshes, and potentially, mesh-enabled client applications. The company’s publicly available research has a heavy focus on using wireless mesh to cross the “digital divide” and provide broadband to homes that can’t get DSL or cable modems."

Microsoft declined requests to be interviewed for the report.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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wap545 12/5/2012 | 3:19:12 AM
re: Does Microsoft Have Mesh Ambitions? It is apparent to me that Microsoft is following along with Intel in planning for both in home and, even more profitable, In Business Mesh Systems. My predictions with ref to Wireless Mesh systems is that when combined with the emerging PAN based UWB and or 802.11n Wireless as transport, we will eventually (finally) see the elimination of most Ethernet Cabling and the deployment of full Meshed WLAN etc in the average office, connecting all desktop PC to a Central LAN Server. It wil be nice to bring a PC into a new office, plug it in and have it self configure and connect to the Campus WLAN.
The Mesh approach will also extend to our Laptops, PDA, Tablets while in motion (Portable) around the office and eventually handing off to Outdoor Mesh solutions where Mobile access will come into play-effectively creating an end to end Portable Broadband Mesh network. Intel will be making the Motherboards, Centrino WiMAX Mesh Chips etc, delivering the UWB or 802.11n chips for PC & PDA. Microsoft will provide the software and interoperability.
This also extends nicely into the Home where UWB Mesh chips will control and manage home networks.
WINTEL wins again.

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