Digium Launches Echo Cancellation Cards

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. and CHICAGO -- Digium Inc., the creator of open source telephony today announced the availability of two new echo cancellation cards, the TE406P and the TE411P for Asterisk, the industry’s first and most widely used open source PBX. Asterisk offers a strategic, highly cost-effective approach to voice and data transport over TDM, switched, and Ethernet architectures.

The TE406P (for use with a 5.0-volt PCI slot) and the TE411P (for use with a 3.3-volt PCI slot) support both E1 and T1 environments and are selectable on a per-card or per-port basis. The TE406P and the TE411P will support ultimate density and performance with echo cancellation for four full T1 (96 channels) or E1 (124 channels) and improves voice quality in situations where software echo cancellation is not sufficient, is not done at the CO, or where CPU utilization must be minimized. The cards are designed to perform in the most difficult of environments while providing capacity/length trade-off by supporting 16ms of echo cancellation over 128 channels, 32ms over 64 channels, or 64ms over 32 channels.

“The combination of Digium hardware and Asterisk software enable numerous combinations and configurations,” said Mark Spencer, president of Digium and the creator of Asterisk. “Our new cards will scale better while improving the system’s density and voice clarity.”

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PITTSBURGH and HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Digium and Cepstral announced a partnership agreement today to provide Cepstral Swift Text-To-Speech (TTS) languages and voices for Digium's Linux telephony platforms and applications. Under the arrangement, Cepstral becomes a Digium Premier Partner for providing commercial Text-To-Speech.

The offering will include Cepstral's telephony voices, David, Diane and William for U.S. English, as well as options for U.K. English, German, Canadian French, American Spanish, and Italian, for use in multi-channel applications on the Linux operating system. Each will be available from Digium, and incorporated into key products and services.

"Cepstral voices allow our customers to introduce high quality Text-To-Speech into telephone and IP telephony applications that use dynamic content. These voices sound great and provide the flexibility to deliver information over the phone, or on the network," said Mark Spencer, CEO of Digium and primary author of the Asterisk PBX.

"Digium is a proven pioneer who's development of the Asterisk PBX has created a powerful and practical platform for computer-telephony integration," said Kevin Lenzo, CEO and co-founder of Cepstral, LLC. "We are very happy to partner with the company that is spearheading the Linux telephony movement. Our new server-based voices fit the offering perfectly and bring extraordinary vocal quality at an extremely competitive price."

Digium Inc.

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