Digital Fountain Spews Product Line

FREMONT, Calif. -- For the first time, it is now both technically possible and economically feasible to provide on-demand access to rich digital media over the Internet to TV-scale audiences. Digital Fountain’s new products are based on the company’s patented “Meta-Content™” technologya technology that changes the fundamental assumptions associated with distributing rich content. With Meta-Content, individual users can receive content whenever they request it, with no increase in server load for each additional user.

The company’s two new products are Streaming Fountain™, which serves streaming media, and Download Fountain™, which serves rich content, like movies, software downloads, image files and music files. Fountain Servers™ are the first and only products that combine the efficiency of a broadcast network with the on-demand access and reliability of the Internet.

“Digital Fountain appears to have solved the paradox of popularity,” said Michael Hoch of the Aberdeen Group. “Digital Fountain’s technology promises to eliminate the cost barriers associated with Internet-based communications. Popular content can be reliably served to a large, dispersed audience without significantly increasing infrastructure and management costs.”

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