Did You Hear That?

2:00 PM – A Lucent division just won a Grammy. Really.

From this morning's PR pile, proof that a tin ear is better than a wax disk:

Bell Labs, the research and development arm of Lucent... announced it has been awarded a Technical GRAMMY Award by The Recording Academy for its outstanding technical contributions to the recording field. This is the first Technical GRAMMY ever awarded to a communications research laboratory.

From the invention of the telephone, the first device to electronically transmit and receive sound, to its more recent R&D projects for digital sound capture and delivery technologies, Bell Labs has been a consistent pioneer in both the foundational and applied technologies of modern sound recording, electronic transmission, and digital communications.

Seminal Bell Labs sound and audio inventions include high fidelity recording (1925), single groove stereo recording (1933), stereophonic recording on film (1941), the laser (1958), today used in all CD and DVD players, the electret microphone (1966), and advances in audio compression to facilitate digital radio technology (1992–1999), which allows AM, FM, and satellite stations to broadcast near-CD quality music...

Current research and development at Bell Labs has expanded to include audio as part of a blended multimedia experience, work on new digital compression technologies for delivering music and other medias over a wide variety of networks and devices, nano-based micro-microphones for dynamically directional, high quality sound recording, and flexible and tunable hypersensitive recording arrays for improved sound capture. Some of Bell Labs’ longer-term research projects in this area include the investigation of new types of lasers, materials, and processing formats that have the potential to yield the next generation of high density media storage and advanced digital playback technologies.

Congratulations, Bell Labs . Funny how, to this day, no one is leaping up to take credit for 8-tracks.

— Phil Harvey, Ahhh-dio Editor, Light Reading

opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 4:09:48 AM
re: Did You Hear That? William Powell Lear

inventor of the 8-Track and
inventor of the Lear jet.

(no kidding)
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:09:47 AM
re: Did You Hear That? And do you think he actually put an 8-track in his Lear Jet?
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