DeNuccio Replaced as Metaswitch CEO

IP software and applications specialist Metaswitch Networks has replaced CEO Kevin DeNuccio with his predecessor, John Lazar, who has been the chairman during DeNuccio's two-year tenure.

DeNuccio was drafted in as CEO in February 2010, replacing Lazar, who became the company's chairman. (See Redbacker DeNuccio Becomes Metaswitch CEO.)

But now Lazar is back in the hot seat, with DeNuccio sidelined, restricted to assessing "strategic initiatives" for the VoIP, applications, protocol stack and control plane specialist. Both retain a place on the Metaswitch board.

So why was DeNuccio ousted?

"I think you have to look at why Kevin was here," states Lazar in an emailed request for comment. "He set out to achieve a lot in his two year tenure -- he hired key execs in the US, built out our West Coast operation (engineering, marketing, finance and operations), oversaw two acquisitions, broadened our product portfolio and improved the company's global visibility in all markets."

He did well and then got the order of the boot, it seems.

So have the company's IPO plans been put on ice? It seems so. (See Is Metaswitch Prepping Its IPO? and Metaswitch Eyes an IPO.)

"Once [DeNuccio] had achieved that, many saw us as a likely candidate for a possible public listing. It's arguable whether the markets would really support that right now, and of course there's a very real need to successfully manage our core business while always, and simultaneously, investigating adjacent business opportunities. That's an agreeable context both for my reappointment, and the new challenge for Kevin," adds Lazar.

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— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

databoy12 12/5/2012 | 5:30:17 PM
re: DeNuccio Replaced as Metaswitch CEO

It was a stupid hire in the first place!  I'll give DeNuccio credit for being a good saleman, but that is it.  He successfully sold Redback to Ericsson for a good price.  But Ericsson later learned they basically bought something that had been run into the ground.  It was a complete write-off for Ericsson.  I guess MetaSwitch was hoping he could do the same for them, but when you can't bring success to a company before the sale, and when the market is soft on IPO's and expensive acquisitions, you need more than a salesman.  These days, you have to talk the talk AND walk the walk.  Looks like the old Cisco posse's day in the sun is officially over.  Thank goodness!

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