Deep-Packet Offerings Proliferate

CHICAGO -- Globalcomm 2006 -- Service providers' security monitoring capabilities could improve significantly in the near future, if those providers take advantage of new deep packet inspection (DPI) tools rolled out this week at the Globalcomm conference.

Ellacoya Networks Inc. and Sandvine Inc. , two providers of carrier-class bandwidth and performance monitoring tools, both advanced their DPI offerings, which can be used to study client behavior down to the end user level. The two vendors joined Allot Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALLT), which demonstrated its newest DPI technology here earlier this week. (See Allot Goes Deep on Packets.)

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Ellacoya Networks, a leading provider of carrier-grade IP service control solutions, announced the availability of a joint solution for monitoring, managing, and controlling broadband IP networks. (See Agilent Integrates Ellacoya .) The solution combines Ellacoya's deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, which identifies and classifies service use and performance information at gigabit rates, with Agilent's deep packet analysis (DPA) technology, which monitors and manages key services, to optimize network planning, improve troubleshooting, and deliver service assurance to multi-service IP networks.

Combined, the deep-packet inspection and deep-packet analysis technologies could enable service provider customers to study end user behavior and identify malicious or risky activity in real time.

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Light Reading staff

fgoldstein 12/5/2012 | 3:52:07 AM
re: Deep-Packet Offerings Proliferate On the one hand you have the telcos claiming that there is no need for network neutrality rules or legislation, because they'd never, ever do anything that would impede users' ability to connect with any legal application. And they tell the press it's just a matter of being able to sell priority service for video.

But here at the ILEC Gun Show, they've got magnums, hunting rifles, Uzis, and perhaps some Guns of Navarone on display. The guns aren't smoking yet, but they're advertising massive kill power. Down the way in DC, of course, they're merely talking about needing BB guns for target practice and, well, maybe some skeet shooting, but they'd never, ever need a really dangerous weapon.

It seems to me that DPI is basically wiretapping, and could be prosecuted as a crime, especially if the carriers do not offer a below-the-IP-layer neutral service (common carriage), which they will be discontinuing this year per 02-33. Any legitimate application, like making bandwidth or QoS available for applications, can be implemented within lower-layer headers.
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