Cisco's Watching You (Again)

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) is moving further along in the world with its purchase of BroadWare Technologies Inc. , announced last night at 11:59 p.m. ET (See Cisco Buys BroadWare.)

BroadWare, which is not a women-only software firm, makes IP-based video surveillance software. The acquisition price wasn't revealed, but BroadWare is an established firm, founded in 1995, with 38 employees and offices in Santa Clara, Calif. and McLean, Va.

Last year, Cisco agreed to pay $51 million in cash and options for SyPixx Networks Inc., a Waterbury, Conn.-based firm that was also in the video surveillance game.

But while SyPixx focused on hardware and appliances, BroadWare is a pureplay IP software company. The combination of the two firms will give Cisco an opportunity in dozens of vertical markets (casinos, retail, defense agencies) that benefit from networked video surveillance, says Steve Collen, director of product marketing for Cisco's physical security team.

An old-fashioned security system would use a central control room, equipped with dozens of VCRs, taping every waking hour of the day. The kind of system Cisco envisions installing would store all footage digitally, making it securely and instantly available to any kind of Internet connected device. The payoff for firms needing video security are obvious: Remote monitoring becomes a reality and security teams can be more distributed without losing their edge.

With so much video riding across a corporate network, Cisco is betting it can take care of the need for other bits of kit, too. "It's a way for us to drive more sales of our infrastructure equipment," says Collen.

As Cisco CEO John Chambers remarked in a speech earlier today, IP video applications, like security and surveillance, promote "not 50 percent network growth but 200 to 300 percent network growth."

Like SyPixx, BroadWare will be part of Cisco's Emerging Markets Technology Group. The deal is expected to close on or before July 27.

— Phil Harvey, Managing Editor, Light Reading

light_geeking 12/5/2012 | 3:08:08 PM
re: Cisco's Watching You (Again) Anyone know how many of 38 Broad(wares) are on the VA/DC blackbook that got DC politicians in a pickle? Seems like the CA office of Broad(ware) must be catering to local politicians. Last I heard Arnold & Co were clean.

Dont' blame me, the article author, started it all, by sprinkling the word "women" in the article.
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