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Cisco Order Outage?

6:00 PM -- From The Philter's Outage file, Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) may be having troubles with its online manufacturing systems, making it tough for the company to fill customer orders. The following two notes were sent anonymously to our feedback section, and we're trying to get Cisco to comment on what's up:

Note #1 is from a Cisco operations manager, and was forwarded by an anonymous reader:

    Manufacturing teams -- Cisco is currently experiencing a system outage in its manufacturing applications on Cisco's CCX platform. CCX is the backbone for EMCO, and as a result, EMCO and all web tools on EMCO are unavailable. Other corporate applications that use CCX are also impacted. The IT team has been actively working to resolve this issue and to provide a time of resolution. In addition, IT is working on a manual process to push order management priority details out to the sites in order to continue production momentum. These reports will be distributed to the production teams as soon as possible. Oracle is not affected by this outage; therefore, applications running on the Oracle platform, such as shipping and packout, are not impacted. Users are encouraged to leverage these capabilities. Once we have resolved this issue, applications will be brought up in sequence to avoid any load-related issues. A business team is determining sequencing of critical applications. Affected customer-facing tools will receive high priority. Periodic status updates will be sent. In the meantime, do not open cases or make specific requests from process teams or IT for issues related to EMCO. Please let me know if you have any critical questions that are impacting production.
Note #2 is from an anonymous reader (and Cisco customer):

    For the 2nd time today in the past two weeks, the entire Online ordering systems are down at Cisco Systems. The first down time earlier in September lasted 20 hours before it came back up. Customers all over the world could not enter orders or check on status of their orders. Today the system is down again. Cisco is instructing customers not to talk to reporters about this outage.
If you have info related to these, please send us a note or comment on the board below. We'll have a proper story on this as soon as we hear what's up.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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