Cisco Fumbles Kickoff

1:00 PM -- SAN JOSE, Calif. -- C-Scape, the Cisco annual analyst conference, is on, starting now and going for the next two days. The entire first morning has been taken up by executive presentations -- CEO John Chambers, mostly -- and some demos.

They've got TelePresence screens set up with placards saying Cincinnati, London, and Boston over the three screens -- that'll come into play later, apparently.

Hopefully it works better than the live video link to New York, where about 15 people are attending virtually. Cisco opened the day by trying to show us the New York link (separate from the TelePresence system). The lighting and wide-angle lens made the New York room look lifeless -- this is why videoconferencing sales have to include room painting and design -- and then the audio didn't work.

So, Cisco gets its Blue Screen of Death moment about 90 seconds into its day.

Separately, it looks as if a data center demo by senior vice president Jayshree Ullal has been scrapped from the session. Probably means nothing (it was just a 15-minute demo), but fill in your own conspiracy theory here.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 2:57:29 PM
re: Cisco Fumbles Kickoff update -- I'm uploading a picture of the NYC link. It'll be in a subsequent blog post. It'll even have the same absent audio.

Cisco says the problem was user error, by the way -- the volume was turned down.
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