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Cisco & Cracker Jack

5:30 PM -- Routers and Internet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet are all fine and good, but we all know it's baseball that keeps the world turning. No wonder, then, that Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) is working to get its name tied to a ballclub.

One of those overindulgent bubble-era deals left Cisco with a 143-acre parcel in Fremont, Calif., that's still vacant. The going theory around here is that Cisco is about to cede control of the land -- which it's leasing, with an option to buy that activates next year -- to bring Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics to the northern fringe of Silicon Valley.

The A's want to move to a stadium that didn't get ravaged for the sake of Al Davis, and Lew Wolff, owner of the Oakland A's, has talked about the Cisco idea for some time. News radio KCBS reported yesterday that Wolff and MLB will formally announce the plan Nov. 14.

Wolff is hot for Fremont because it's just north of the county line. San Jose is the A's real target, but its county is considered San Francisco Giants territory in the MLB books. Fremont is over the border, in Alameda County, but close enough to draw San Jose fans.

As the San Jose Mercury News points out, the big question would be what to call the team. The Oakland A's could become the San Jose A's (passable) or the Silicon Valley A's (stupid) -- or they could use a lying-to-your-face name like the Los Angeles Angels of Not Los Angeles.

As for having the A's move to the almost-backyard of my home town, I'm torn. I do prefer the A's to the Giants -- they're less supported around here, and they don't have Barry Bonds. A closer ballpark would be nice, I suppose.

But lately, I've gotten my kids excited about the minor-league San Jose Giants, where the tickets and food are cheaper, the action is closer, and the smothering of advertising smacks of small-town baseball rather than corporate polo shirts. I may have to stick with my real hometown team.

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:35:20 AM
re: Cisco & Cracker Jack The official name of the park would apparently be Cisco Field. John Chambers himself will get to make the announcement Tuesday.


Weird setup - it seems you'll park elsewhere and get shuttled to the stadium, which will be surrounded by shops. Ew.

Semi-related: Apparently the SF 49ers could head south too:

Sisyphus 12/5/2012 | 3:34:56 AM
re: Cisco & Cracker Jack ballparks and landmarks with company names strike me as bubble era-ish somehow, and come to think about companies in the bay area don't seem to have entered their golden era after giving their name to stadiums etc.

smart way to unload the property, though.
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